Ms. Ola Al-Qaradawy arrives at her home, after her release decision.

Belady brings to its followers the news of the arrival of Mrs. Ola Youssef Abdullah Al-Qaradawi to her home after a release decision under the Case No. 800 of 2019, Supreme State Security Prosecution . It is worth mentioning that she went through the following stages:

1- July 2017: Mrs. Ola Youssef Abdullah Al-Qaradawi was arrested with her husband Mr. Hossam Khalaf. The Supreme State Security Prosecution decided to imprison both of them pending investigations under the Case No. 316 of 2017, Supreme State Security. They were also charged with joining a terrorist group and financing and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

2- July 3rd, 2019: The Cairo Criminal Court, held in The Council Chamber, decided to release Ms. Ola Al-Qaradawi with precautionary measures.

3- July 4th, 2019: Mrs. Ola Al-Qaradawi entered the cycle of rotation, and appears again before the Supreme State Security Prosecution under the Case No. 800 of 2019 with several charges such as the implementation of an hostile plan prepared by the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to establish pathways for external financial flows imported through illigitimate methods.

4- February 2020: The Competent Court decided to release Ms. Ola again with precautionary measures. However, the Prosecution appealed the decision, which was accepted by the Appeal Court. Subsequently, Ms. Ola Al-Qaradawi returned to her prison again.

5- December 2021: Mrs. Ola Al-Qaradawi finally returns home after her release decision, awaiting the return of her husband with whom she shared the path’s details.


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