Hearings Schedule (from September 23rd, to September 24th, 2023)

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The Circuit of Cairo Criminal Court, held in Badr’s Reform and Rehabilitation Complex, is considering the renewal of detention for 11 women, young 17 men who were arrested when they were children, and 6 adults as follows:

First: Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

A- Case No. 1222 of 2021, Supreme State Security

1- Khadija Mustafa Afifi

2- Reem Kotb Bassiouni Gebara

3- Hamdy Ahmed Mohamed El Tilwani

B- Case No. 238 of 2022 Supreme State Security

1- Alaa Mohamed Youssef Issa 

2- Eman Yousry Mohamed Mustafa

3- Mohamed Tarek Ahmed Bayomi

C- Case No. 1391 of 2022 Supreme State Security

1- Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim

2- Saleh Sabry Salama

3- Hany Islem Salama

4- Khaled Selmi Salama

5- Heba Mohamed Idris 

D- Case No. 2135 of 2022 Supreme State Security

1- Mustafa Shehata Abdel Aziem

2- Ahmed Naser Swilem

Second: Sunday, September 24th, 2023

A- Case No. 1660 of 2022 Supreme State Security 

1- Sara Ali Abdel Sattar

B- Case No. 440 of 2022 Supreme State Security

1- Donia Samir Fathy El Desoiky

2- Ola Mohamed El Alfy

C- Case No. 570 of 2020, Supreme State Security.

1- Marwa Ashraf Mohamed Mohamed Arafa

D- Case No. 744 of 2023, Supreme State Security

1- Mohamed Mahmoud Farahat

2- Mohamed Diaa Mohamed Nader

3- Mohamed Ragab Sulieman 

4- Mohamed Osama Abdel Atti 

5- Mohamed El Saied Aboel Yazied 

6- Fathi Mohamed Fathi 

7- ِAbdelrahman Saad Zaied 

8- Seif El Din Khaled El Saied 

9- Hamza Ibrahim Mohamed 

10- Adham Othman Seied 

11- Abdelrahman Ali Abdel Monji

12- Moamen Hossam Lotfy 

13- Abdelrahman Hani 

E- Case No. 855 of 2020, Supreme State Security

1- Warda Jumaa Abdel Rahman

F- Case No. 865 of 2020, Supreme State Security

1- Salwa Hassan Salem Ali

G- Case No. 1042 of 2022 Supreme State Security.

1- Mahmoud Atta Ali El Mutawali


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