Hearings Schedule (from April 2nd, 2024 to April 3rd, 2024)

During this week  … 📃👨‍⚖️

The Circuit of Cairo Criminal Court, held in Badr’s Reform and Rehabilitation Complex, is considering the renewal of detention for 27 women, 16 young men who were arrested when they were children and 10 Adults, as follows:

First: Tuesday, April 2nd 2024

A- Case No.1053 of 2021, Supreme State Security 

1- Heba Abdel Halim Haraji

2- Amal Nabawy El Saied

B- Case No. 2094 of 2022, Supreme State Security

1- Abdelrahman Mohamed Helmy

2- Mohamed Ahmed Ali Salama

3- Omar Mokhtar El Saied

4- Noran Mahmoud Gamal El Din

5- Amir Hany Morris

6- Nahed El Hanafy Mokhtar

C- Case No. 1160 of 2023, Supreme State Security

1- Rabab Mostafa Hassan

D- Case No.1332 of 2018, Supreme State Security

1- Abdel Monaim Ashraf Abdel Monaim

E- Case No. 1691 of 2022 Supreme State Security 

1-Gamal Ahmed abdel Rehem 

2- Gebril Ibrahim Mohamed 

3- Aida Mohamed Mansour

4- Ahmed Gamal Abdel Rahman

F- Case No. 2526 of 2023 Supreme State Security 

1- Hasnaa Samer Ahmed 

Second: Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

A- Case No. 1054 of 2020 Supreme State Security

1- Loa`ya Sabri Al Shahat

2- Takwa Abd Al-Nasser

B- Case No. 1893 of 2022 Supreme State Security 

1- Salwa Ahmed Hassan

2- Amany Mustafa Mokhtar

3- Mohamed Mustafa Abdel Qader

4- Yasser Mohamed Kamal

5- Abdel Rahman Yehia Ali

6- Othman Saied Abo Taleb

7- Magda Fikry Mohamed

8- Iman Abdel Qader Abdel Fattah

9- Sheren Hassan Abo El Dahab

10- Fatma Hassan Abdel Hamid 

11- Naglaa Fathy Ibrahim 

12-  Mohamed Salama El Rawdi

13- Ibrahim Foli Abdel Latef

14- Samah El Said Mohamed

15- Aml Awad Hamed

C- Case No. 706 of 2019 Supreme State Security

1- Nada Mohamed Bassiouni

2- Amani Ahmed Ali Ahmed

D- Case No. 966 of 2021 Supreme State Security

1- Dina Alaa Sayed

E- Case No. 970 of 2020 Supreme State Security

1- Heba Allah Ismail Mohamed 

2- Manar Adel Abd Al-Hamid

F- Case No. 744 of 2023, Supreme State Security

1- Mohamed Mahmoud Farahat

2- Mohamed Abdel Samie Mohamed

3- Mohamed Ragab Sulieman 

4- Basel Suleiman Abdel Badie

5- Mohamed El Saied Aboel Yazied 

6- Fathi Mohamed Fathi 

7- ِAbdelrahman Saad Zaied 

8- Seif El Din Khaled El Saied 

9- Hamza Ibrahim Mohamed 

10- Karim Aymen Ahmed

11- Mohaned Ezzat Ahmed

12- Abdelrahman Hani Mohamed

G- Case No. 191 of 2023 Supreme State Security

1- Hoda Salah Hassan 

2- Sheren Fahmy Ahmed

H- Case No. 2989 of 2023 Supreme State Security

1- Doaa Ahmed Hussein 

I- Case No. 508 of 2023 Supreme State Security

1- Rowaida Yasser Abdel Majeid


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