Acceptance of Ms. Aliaa Awad’s Appeal and Sentencing to 10 Years imprisonment

Today, the Cassation court accepted the appeal of Ms. Aliaa Nasr El Din Hassan Nasr Awad, known as “Aliaa Awad” and amended the previous verdict to 10 years imprisonment, -with 8 years served- instead of the previous verdict issued by the Cairo Criminal Court on June 28, 2022, that sentenced her to 15 aggravated years imprisonment in Case No. 4459 of2015 Helwan criminal , known in the media as the “Helwan Brigades” case, where she was accused of joining a terrorist group and promoting its purposes.

It is worth noting that Aliaa was arrested on September 3rd, 2014, due to her journalistic work related to the aforementioned case, and she was released in March 2016. However, she was detained again in October 2017 during one of her trial sessions, and she remains in custody until now serving her sentence.

For  more details about Aliaa Awad:

For  more details about “Helwan Brigades” Case:


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