The Court of Cassation Will Hear Ms. Mawada El Adham’s Appeal against Her Six Years Imprisonment on February 11th

Ms. Mawada Fathi Rashad Mohamed El Adham was arrested in May 2020 in the case known in the media as the ‘Tik Tok Girls’ case. She was sentenced to two years imprisonment and payment of a 300.000 L.E. fine. On January 12th, 2021, The Cairo Economic Court, Third Circuit of Appeal Misdemeanor, reversed her imprisonment and upheld the order of fine payment.

However, she was not released as she was already included in another case known as ‘the Human Trafficking Case’. In July 2021, the court sentenced her to six years imprisonment and payment of a 200.000 L.E. fine, mainly for human trafficking and exploitation of girls in committing acts that contravene the principles and values of Egyptian society with an aim to reap material benefits.

On November 12th, the Egyptian Court of Cassation scheduled a session on February 11th, 2023 to hear the appeal submitted by her defense against the verdict of six years imprisonment and payment of a 200.000 L.E. fine, in Case No. 4917 of 2020, El Sahel Felonies, and registered under No. 2106 of 2020. North Cairo, known in the media as the ‘Human Trafficking’ case.

To learn more details about Ms. El Adham, why she was charged in the case, and to know the details of her imprisonment, as well as the charges directed against her and the trial, you can visit her profile through the link:


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