“Release Order of 3 Women and one Girl pending the case

“Release Order of Three Women and One Girl pending the trial”

Belady is pleased with the verdict of the Court to release (1) Eman Said Hamidan, (2) Rabab Jomaa Mohamed, (3) Maliha salmy Marshoud, (4) and the child: Hoda Abd Al-Rahman Ali; contingent on guaranteeing their place of residence, pending Case No.1935 of 2021 Supreme State Security.

Some information about the Case:
1- Case No. 1935 of 2021 Supreme State Security is known in the media as the “ISIS Case”.
2- The Case began in May 2021, and authorities continue to list the defendants pending it to date.
3- This case includes a large number of defendants (Men- Women- Children), and the accusations against them are: Joining the  terrorist group “ISIS” with knowledge of its purpos.
4- It is considered to be an example of a “Cycle of Rotation*” because the majority of the defendants were rotated from other cases after decisions to release them.
5- It also includes a group of women imprisoned simply for being wives or sisters of men involved with the terrorist group “ISIS”.
* Rotation is the re-imprisonment of a prisoner on pretrial detention, in a new case or more, either after the legal pretrial detention period has passed, after their release, or during imprisonment.


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