Today, the pharmacist/ Isis Mustafa appeared before the Supreme State Security Prosecution, for joining a terrorist group

Today, the pharmacist / Isis Mustafa Mohamed Ahmed appeared before the Supreme State Security Prosecution and was investigated under the charges of joining a terrorist group and publishment of false news. The prosecution decided to imprison her under Case No. 2214 of 2021- Supreme State Security.

For those who do not know Isis?
Isis is a pharmacist who works in a health unit in Sharkia Governorate. Few days ago, she was beaten and harassed by some employees of the health unit in which she works, because she was not wearing a veil, according to her statements.
The pharmacist Isis also documented the assault with a video clip and she filed an official report at the Zagazig police station.
Despite being a victim, she was arrested on 16 October until she appeared today before the Prosecution that ruled her imprisonment for 15 days pending investigations.


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