Release Order for a Woman and a Child pending Trials

Belady congratulates:

Ms. Nagwa El Saied Mohamed El Saied, included in case No. 2094 of 2022 Supreme State Security,

Child Ziad Amr El Saied El Sakaan, included in case No. 2070 of 2022  Supreme State Security,

following the decision of the Supreme State Security Prosecution to release them pending trial.

It is noteworthy that Ms. El Saied was arrested more than eight months ago, (on November 8th, 2022), from her home on the background of her writing posts on ‘Facebook’ in which she criticized the regime. Later, she was subjected to enforced disappearance for eight days, until she appeared before the Supreme State Security Prosecution on November 16th, 2022, charged with joining a terrorist group established in violation of the law, financing terrorism, incitement to commit a terrorist crime, using social media for the same terrorist purpose, publishing and broadcasting false news, and misusing social media.


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