Is Democracy Possible in the New Republic?

Since the start of its incorporation within many societies, humanism has produced models of effective, democratic governments based on the separation of powers in order to prevent monopolization and protect rights and freedoms.
We pay tribute to the International Day of Democracy by asking “What democracy do we want?”. To answer this question, this article addresses the significance of democracy as it’s linked to equality in dignity and rights of all human beings, freedom of opinion, freedom of publication, freedom of expression, and equality of everyone before the law.
Considering that there is no democracy without rights and freedoms, this article sheds light on a set of fundamental rights and freedoms, and the extent to which they are applied and protected by the Egyptian regime. The main points addressed in this article are freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of the press, the right of assembly, political and civil activism, and the rights of minorities in Egypts new republic.
In this article, Belady has relied primarily on its observations of human rights violations, highlighting previous cases that have occupied Egyptian and international public opinion.
To refer to the full-text article: Is Democracy Possible in the New Republic?


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