Hearings Schedule (from October 29th to October 31st 2023)

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The Circuit of Cairo Criminal Court, held in Badr’s Reform and Rehabilitation Complex, is considering
the renewal of detention for 22 women, 4 young men who were arrested when they were children,
and 5 adults, and the renewal of precautionary measures for one woman, as follows:
First: Sunday, October 29th, 2023
A- Case No. 708 of 2023 Supreme State Security
1- Jamil Mohamed Jamil
2- Mazen El Sayed Mohamed Arafa
3- Mohamed Osama Mohamed Omran
4- Youssef Mohamed Hassan
Second: Monday, October 30th, 2023
A- Case No. 1054 of 2020 Supreme State Security
1- Loa`ya Sabri El Shahat
2- Takwa Abdel Nasser Abdullah
B- Case No. 5 of 2022 Supreme State Security
1- Hoda Ali Mohamed Hassan
2- Dalia Abdel Wahab Mahmoud
3- Amal Saleh Abdel Bari Ismail
4- Asmaa Talaat Mahmoud El Halawani
5- Asma Mahmoud Ahmed Ismail
6- Maryam El Said Ahmed (precautionary measure)
7- Mohaned Aymen Mohamed Rashad
C- Case No. 680 of 2020 Supreme State Security
1- Asmaa El Said Abdel Raouf
2- Estishhad Kamal Rizk
D- Case No. 910 of 2021 Supreme State Security
1- Amani Kamal Mohamed Shams El Din
2- Hana Attia Ahmed Abdel Aal
E- Case No. 970 of 2020 Supreme State Security

1- Heba Allah Ismail Mohamed
2- Manar Adel Abdel Hamid
F- Case No. 706 of 2019 Supreme State Security
1- Nada Mohamed Bassiouni
2- Amani Ahmed Ali Ahmed
Third: Tuesday, October 31st, 2023
A- Case No. 2070 of 2022 Supreme State Security
1- Eiad El Saied Khalil
2- Ziad Amr El Sakaan
3- Abdel Rahman Suleiman Jodi
4- Maha Mustafa Mohamed Ibrahim
5- Belal Nasr El Din Hamed
B- Case No. 750 of 2019 Supreme State Security
1- Mai Mohamed Mustafa
2- Hind Musleh Naseer
3- Iman Salem Mukhtar
4- Rahma Essam Said
5- Rana Wael Mahmoud
C- Case No. 585 of 2020 2 Supreme State Security
1- Amal Hassan Ahmed


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