Annual Report on Human Rights Violations in the Egyptian Republic in 2021

With the advent of the eleventh anniversary of the January 25th revolution, and the beginning of the eighth year since the current President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took over power in Egypt, the country continues to experience a complete shrink in public liberties and systematic targeting of activism in the public sphere. The authorities are convinced that this authoritarian approach is the only way to prevent the repetition of January 2011 events.
Therefore, adopting the same approach, the Egyptian regime continued in 2021 to resort to anti-terrorism laws to silence opponents, human rights defenders, and journalists and keep critics in pretrial detention indefinitely. The security services have not ceased to arrest and prosecute citizens in political cases that involve numerous charges: terrorist, moral, economic, electronic, etc.
Through this report, Belday first analyzes patterns of arrest and the most targeted groups and sectors. Later, it provides an overview of the statistics on the victims of violations in 2021 through violations against activists, minorities (LGBTQI+ as an example), children, and women. It also stresses the violations to which they are subjected within detention facilities, such as torture and ill-treatment (for example, displacement and medical neglect), denial of visitation and exercise, and many methods of legal abuse to force victims into continuous detention, such as the phenomenon of rotation and the continuous renewal of pretrial detention, etc.
To refer to the full-text report: Annual Report on Human Rights Violations in  the Egyptian Republic in 2021


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