“Sentencing of Seven Children to Five Years Imprisonment Confirmed”

“Sentencing of Seven Children to Five Years Imprisonment Confirmed”
The Egyptian Court of Cassation, held in the High Court of Justice, rejected the appeal submitted in case No. 34150 (2015) from the Nasr City First Criminal Court, and registered under case No. 2985 (2015) from East Cairo. The case, known in the media as the dispersal of the Rabaa sit-in concerns 66 defendants including seven children, listed below–
1- Amr yasmin ragb
2- Mohammed hibaruh Eid Mohammed
3- Abd El-Rahman Rabie Mustafa
4- Mahmoud Mohammed Eiaad
5- Mughazi Gemal Mughazi Suaylem
6- Amr Abd El-Rahman Ahmed
7- Mohammed Ahmed Hamza

It is worth noting that these children were arrested during the events of the Rabaa Sit-In Dispersal, and were then included in the case of the aforementioned Rabaa Dispersal. The children remained in pretrial detention until the court decided to release them pending the case.
After nearly seven years, specifically on November 15, 2020, the court sentenced the children listed in the case in absentia to imprisonment (fifteen years), and on June 5, 2022 the Egyptian Court of Cassation sentenced the children to five years in prison, as described above.


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