Release Order of Two children Pending the Joker Case

Belady is very pleased to announce the decision of the Cairo Criminal Court, Fourth Circuit of Terrorism, held at Tora’s Non-Commissioned Police Officers Institute, headed by Counselor Mohamed Saeid Al-Sherbiny, to release:
1- Child / Abd Al-Rahman Abd Al-Halim Abd Al-Salam
2- Child / Abd Al-Rahman Mohammad Ahmad Waziry
Pending Case No. 1530 of 2019 Supreme State Security, known in the media as “The Joker Case”.

The following part includes details on the Joker Case:
– The facts of the case began in October 2019, in conjunction with the calls for demonstration published by the contractor Muhammad Ali and Tamer Gamal (Atwa Kanana) in September 2019, with the appearance of a group of children wearing Vendetta masks in a video. They were less than 4 unidentified children who called for the demonstrations of 25 January 2020.

– The case includes many people. We single out the number of children and women as follows:
Total number of children: 49 children
Total number of women: 9 women
Number of children listed in the referral order: 28 children
Number of women listed in the referral order: One woman

– The Supreme State Security Prosecution indicted them with several charges, chiefly:
1- Participating in an assembly that may endanger the public peace
2- Committing terrorist acts and possession of firearms and bladed weapons with the intent to use them in activities that disturb public security
3- Directly promoting the commission of terrorist crimes via international information networks
4- Attempting to murder police officers
5- Using force and violence against public officers
6- Deliberately endangering the safety and operation of public transportation.

– The legal violations consisted of enforced disappearance for durations exceeding 3 months, which contravenes the Code of Criminal Procedure that requires the defendant to be brought before the Public Prosecution within 24 hours.

– As for torture in the National Security headquarters, the detainees were subjected to the same horrific torture methods that have been used in Egypt for some time, including the humiliating personal search that requires complete nudity, and even severe beatings, which is a systematic policy of the Egyptian regime.


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