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Who We Are


Our Team


To unleash children’s hopes and dreams so we can build humane societies.


To gather dispersed minds and energies in islands for humanity where we invest in the children of today to prepare for a better tomorrow

The idea

We were young people who met randomly during the Arab Spring. We gathered to establish Belady- an Island for Humanity. At that time, hope and freedoms reached their peak. Yet it was easy to understand – with each passing day-that there was little hope to affect change through politics, that the deep state is still entrenched, that political participation would only polarize, vilify, and lead to a dead end.

Away from politics, we sought to create an island where people who still dream about changing the world for the better could safely meet, discuss their ideas, work on actual projects that do change the world, and in the meantime develop the leadership abilities that will enable them to carry out those latent dreams. We started working in 2012.

We decided to work with children because they are the most vulnerable and because they are voiceless; because they are not yet tarnished with hatreds, self-defeating ideas, and cynicism; because they can make tomorrow shinier.

We worked on targets that no two people differ on, or let’s say, no two people should differ on. No child should be left to sleep in the street. On Valentine’s Day 2014, we welcomed to our safe island three scared, cold and hungry children. Who would have an issue with that?

Yet it seemed some people did have issues. Belady was raided on May 1st, 2014. Its two founders and 6 of the volunteers were imprisoned for three years (minus 12 days). The team-or Belady-was finally acquitted on April 16, 2017.

With the support of individuals, NGO’s, independent media, and public figures who did not know us but believed in us and in humanity, we emerged stronger and more determined. In Belady we believe that the people’s will is what makes the difference. We have the will, and so long that we have it, we will find the way.

We started in Egypt and now we have expanded to the U.S. We plan to have little islands for humanities everywhere, until maybe one day, the whole world will be an island for humanity.