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Leaders of Tomorrow

Belady Membership:

As an intended “positive externality” from accomplishing the targeted project, the members of Belady themselves develop the necessary skillsets that will allow them to be the leaders of tomorrow. In countries like Egypt, there is a sever lack of skills such teamwork, collaboration, punctuality, problem solving, and working effectively towards goals and dreams. Through the work they do, Belady members will benefit the project itself, themselves, and their country in the future.

Community Dialogue:

The key to moving forward in any project, nation, or conflict is to have good communication. Unfortunately, Egypt is so rigidly stratified. Divisions are between sexes, religions, generations, socio-economic classes, and political lines. It is unthinkable and unsafe to talk about issues that matter. But when we provide space, people suddenly come to the obvious realization that we are all human.


How can we move forward? Is it our fate to remain “developing” but never developed? Why do some countries develop while others lag behind? We provide seminars that answer such questions. Activism without awareness and proper planning leads nowhere. Heightened activism with proper awareness can lead anywhere.