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Child Political Prisoners

Child prisoners detained for political charges are an obscure yet dangerous topic that requires immediate attention. Children should never be a part of the political equation nor should they ever have to pay for it. Belady aims to set child prisoners free.

There are more than a hundred children currently incarcerated in Egypt for alleged political crimes. Some of them are parts of mass trials. Because of that, judges sometimes are unaware that there are children in the cages before them. Some of the charges are very serious such as terrorism and political assassination. Some of them are for mere protests or rioting. .

If these children languish more years in prison, they will never be healthy individuals again and cannot integrate in society. We seek to make sure that they know that they are not abandoned. We want people to know about them, remember them, and push for their release. The child’s awareness that he is not abandoned could save a child from becoming a terrorist, and his fellow humans from becoming victims.