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Belady’s Children

In Belady, we work on the root causes of the problem. What made these children go to the streets? How can we rehabilitate them and help them leave the street? What are the problems they face in the street?

We found out that children in the streets get addicted to violence, drugs, sex, and the street itself. In the streets, they become predators and prey. As preys, they are attacked, raped, and exploited. As predators, they do the same to others. The victim becomes a villain.

But when the children come to Belady (my country)- an Island for humanity, they become the little citizens of our island. They are no longer called street children; they become Belady’s children.Belady becomes their temporary shelter and home. In it, they are rehabilitated from all their addictions. They get to share their troubles with their peers and Belady members. We talk about their problems and find solutions with them. Meanwhile, they make use of their time and learn literacy, art, and music.

Once they’re settled, they begin missing their own families. They ask for contact. We create a safe environment where the family can reunite again. We work with the families and facilitate their relationship with their children. If both parties are ready, we integrate them together.If not, children stay and develop with us. They become the coaches and mentors of tomorrow. They are transformed to effective members in society, rather than predators and prey.