Cairo Military Court issues its verdict on 13 children in Case 163


Today, the Cairo Military Court issued its verdict against 13 children in Case No. 123 of 2018, East Cairo Military Felonies
Sentences for children range from 15 years, 10 years, 7 years, 5 years and 3 years, and the lack of specific jurisdiction for one child.
One child was also sentenced to life imprisonment in violation of the Child Law

  • Hassan Hassan Khaled 25 (life prison) in attendance
  • Abdullah Mohammed Ismail. 15 years
  • Muhammad Abdul Wahed Suleiman 10 years old
  • Ammar Yasser Abdel Tawab, 10 years old
  • Ali Mahmoud Ibrahim 10 years old
  • Youssef Mahmoud Attia 10 years old
  • Abdul Rahman Ali Fahmy 7 years old
  • Islam Muhammad students 7 years old
  • Muhammad Al-Khidr Muhammad Ahmad 7 years old
  • Ahmed Zakaria Fahmy over 5 years old
  • Ahmed Ashour Helmy Al-Sayyad 5 years old
  • Muhammad Al-Hadi Awad Gharib 3 years old
  • Mahmoud Atta Ali Metwally. Lack of the court's jurisdiction to hear the case against the accused and refer it to the competent court