Renewal of Imprisonment of 15 Women and Precautionary Measures for 5 Children


The Cairo Criminal Court, the Third Circuit of Terrorism, held at the Institute of Police Trustees in Tora, headed by Counselor Mohamed Abdel Sattar, is considering the renewal of the detention of 15 women and the renewal of precautionary measures for 5 children, on Monday and Tuesday
Corresponding to 30 and 31/8/2021, and the details are as follows:
First: Monday, August 30, 2021

Case No.880 of 2020 Supreme State Security:
1. Omnia Chaaban Talaba Chaabam.

Case 65 of 2021 Supreme State Security:
1. Naglaa Fathi Fouad Othman
2. Shaima Sami Zaki Ali Abdel Mawla
3. Doaa Zine El Abidine Ali Khalifa
4. Fathia Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Zeid
5. Nermin Hussein Fathi Abdel Aziz Gomaa
6. Samar Muhammad Abdo Muhammad Atti

Case No.620 of 2021Supreme State Security:
1. Fatima Abdel Rahman Mahmoud Khair

Second: Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Case No.955 of 2020 Supreme State Security:
1. Elham Mohamed Abdel Adhim.
2. Hassiba Mahsoub Abdel Megid
3. Jamila Hassan Hussein Issa
4. Esraa Mohamed Ahmed Nasr El Din
5. Dina Abdel Rahman Mohamed El Sayed
6. Hanan Khalaf Hijazi Muhammad

Case No.1116 of 2020 Supreme State Security:
1. Silvia Zarif Hilal Gerges
2. Muhammad Jamal Muhammad Mustafa Aliwa. (Precautionary measures)
3. Muhammad Mohsin Abdul Rahman Ahmed. (Precautionary measures)

Case No. 1196 of 2020 Supreme State Security:
1. Youssef El-Sayed Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab. (Precautionary measures)
2. Youssef Mohamed Ibrahim. (Precautionary measures)
3. Youssef Mahmoud Abu Al-Makarem. (Precautionary measures)